Supported Independent Living

Prioritising Your Independence and Self-Worth

Supported Independent Living (known as SIL) is an NDIS funded support that provides help and/ or supervision of your daily tasks to help you live as independently as possible, while building your skills.Onelove Community and Health Care Services is adept in providing the right amount of support for participants who wish to stay living alone in their own home or in a shared living community.

Facts about SIL:

  • SIL happens in your home or in a living space that you share with other NDIS participants. 
  • It is a paid support, and is used to help participants with their personal care tasks like cooking meals. It also provides support in doing things outside your home like getting to your doctor’s appointment or catching the bus. 
  • SIL supports can be delivered 24 hours a day, and often includes overnight support. 
  • SIL funding is for person-to-person supports.
  • This kind of support doesn’t include other expenses like groceries and bills, your rent or accommodation costs (including Specialist Disability Accommodation).

Through partnerships with NDIS approved SIL Providers, Onelove Community and Health Care Services can provide SIL support in your own home or in Supported Independent Living accommodations. We offer daily tasks assistance in a shared setting that includes cleaning, doing the laundry as well as personal care tasks like showering and dressing, meal preparation, maintaining nutrition, taking up a new hobby, and learning to use public transportation.

Our qualified and experienced support workers are here to help supervise the participants’ daily tasks while maintaining their choice to live as independently as possible. You can count on us to  create a safe environment for you and offer the right kind of support you would need to undertake different tasks on your own. It is also our mission to ensure the participant’s active participation in group activities and help them cultivate a sense of community. Feel free to get in touch with Onelove Community and Health Care Services for more information.

Inquire for the Best Disability Support Services in Melbourne, Victoria

Onelove Community and Health Care Services works hard to provide cost-efficient disability care services for people in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. If you wish to experience quality care and support, do not hesitate to connect with our team. Kindly fill up the form or send us a message in our available communication lines.

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