Assist Personal Activities and Household Tasks

Making Each Day Easier for You

People with disability and mental health challenges often find it difficult and hard to perform some tasks and activities. Onelove Community and Health Care Services can work with you on a daily basis because we understand your situation and we would love to extend our help.

With our best effort, we deliver our assistance with all your personal activities and provide customised services that cater for your everyday support needs. There can be an option for us to offer much or as little support as needed to help you live independently through your NDIS funded supports.

Our team can provide assistance in the following daily life tasks:

  • Personal care or hygiene tasks like, showering, dressing, bathing, and toileting
  • Cleaning and organising tasks like vacuuming, brooming, mopping, etc.
  • Mobility assistance like moving in and out of bed
  • Laundry work
  • Ironing and folding clothes
  • Meal preparation 
  • Helping with your regular invoice payments 


  • Attending to your medical prescriptions
  • Completing your personal activities like re-organizing your living spaces, grocery shopping, etc.
  •  Helping with your toileting tasks such as bladder and bowel management.

Inquire for the Best Disability Support Services in Melbourne, Victoria

Onelove Community and Health Care Services works hard to provide cost-efficient disability care services for people in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. If you wish to experience quality care and support, do not hesitate to connect with our team. Kindly fill up the form or send us a message in our available communication lines.

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