Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

We Work With You to Create a Clear Plan of Action to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Psychosocial recovery coaching is a new NDIS service designed to support individuals with a psychosocial disability to take more control of their lives and to better manage the complex challenges of day-to-day living.

There is also an option to seek help from a recovery coach with lived experience. This type of recovery coach has their own lived experience of mental health illness and underwent recovery. They are able to use these experiences to help their participants undergoing the same situation.

Recovery coaches work collaboratively with participants, their families, careers and supports to design, plan, implement and adjust a recovery plan. They also work with the other Mental Health Service Providers and assist them with the coordination of NDIS and other supports.

Onelove Community and Health Care Service helps people aged 18 and older who experience mental health issues or who live with a psychosocial disability. We accept referrals for people who have NDIS funding for Increased Social and Community Participation, or Psychosocial Recovery Coaching under Plan Managed and Self-Managed. Our qualified and experienced Mental Health Support Facilitators can provide recovery models that support participants  achieve their goals.

What are the Roles of PRC

  • Developing a recovery enabling relationship
  • Supporting participants’ engagement with the NDIS
  • Supporting participants with their recovery planning
  • Collaborating with a broader system of supports
  • Communicate with you to understand your needs and goals
  • Help you get support from different mental health institutions 
  • Give support with your NDIS journey
  • Implement a recovery plan to help you become more independent
  • Provide coaching to increase skills and capacity such as motivation, strengths, resilience and decision-making

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