Participate in the Community

Linking You Closer to the Community

Our qualified and trained staff will encourage and motivate you to attend and participate in different meaningful community activities. We believe that these social activities can help you gain confidence and build amazing relationships with other people.

Onelove Community and Health Care Services understands that community participation activities promote the personal, social, cultural and professional growth of an individual. The nature of participation will be completely determined by the needs and interests of the participants. Below are some of the community activities we provide for our participants:

  • Using the community library
  • Safety of our participants is ensured all the Times 
  • Going for movies and Dinners 
  • Attending workshops to enhance/learn new skills
  • Attending Appointments 
  • Meeting with friends and family 
  • Weekend trips and getaways.
  • Regular visits to the local community and shopping centers.
  • Encourage participation in neighborhood events and activities

Inquire for the Best Disability Support Services in Melbourne, Victoria

Onelove Community and Health Care Services works hard to provide cost-efficient disability care services for people in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. If you wish to experience quality care and support, do not hesitate to connect with our team. Kindly fill up the form or send us a message in our available communication lines.

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