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Onelove Community and Health Care Services works together with the NDIS participants and their families to build their capacity and to realize their full potential.

Your Guide Towards Successful Disability Living

Onelove Community and Health Care Services is an advocate of mental health awareness and a registered NDIS services provider who works with NDIS participants and their families.

We believe in the power of choice, control and involvement of the participants with regards to planning, decision making and executing the disability support plan that is right for them.

You can trust us to provide quality services to support people with different forms of complexities or experiencing mental health issues. We also build great connections with your family and other support networks. This way you can be sure that your short, medium and long term goals are met within your time frame.

Onelove Community and Health Care Services knows the importance of good collaboration among other health care professionals such as clinicians, GPs, and other health care facilities like hospitals and community organizations. We can give you a reliable team for your personalized support network.

We are guided by the principles and regulations of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our team is dedicated to securing a safe, comfortable and growth-oriented life for all NDIS participants and provide services from highly skilled, well trained, qualified and verified staff.

Partner with Onelove Community and Health Care Services and experience our principle of personal-centered approach, recovery coaching and culturally appropriate services.


Build a life that is far from what you have at present. Onelove Community and Health Care Services is here to guide and support you all throughout your journey of progress and self-development with the help of our quality disability services.


Assist Personal Activities

Accomplish more of your daily living tasks with proper support and guidance from our reliable disability workers. Get improved daily life experience with our help


Assist-Travel or Transport

Find it easier to access all your travel needs when you choose to avail Onelove Community and Health Care Services NDIS transport services for elderly and people with disabilities. Call us now!


Community Nursing Care

Let our experienced nurses provide you with compassionate and complete care to manage your health condition. Onelove Community and Health Care Services is here to maintain your wellness and health


Development Life Skills

Set a higher goal for yourself and we will assist you to reach your aspirations one at a time. Onelove Community and Health Care Services is here to support you in your self-development journey!


Group Centre-Based Activities

Enjoy different activities in our facilities and gain new learnings and friendship along the way. Camaraderie is important in improving your self confidence and personality.


Participate in the Community

Open up yourself to the beauty of building relationships with other people and create great memories while you explore your community together with our team.


Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Take more control of your life and get better management of the complex challenges of your day-to-day living with the help of our experienced mental health professionals. 


Short Term Accommodation / Respite

Avail Onelove Community and Health Care Services’ short-term accommodation for your scheduled or emergency respite. We make sure to provide complete disability services together with all our STA

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Support Coordination

We are here to listen and implement the most appropriate NDIS plan suitable for your disability-related needs. Maximise your full potential with Onelove Community and Health Care Services!


Supported Independent Living (SIL)

We know how you want to develop your independence and confidence, this is why we provide great SIL accommodation services that match your requirements

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Onelove Community and Health Care Services works hard to provide cost-efficient disability care services for people in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. If you wish to experience quality care and support, do not hesitate to connect with our team. Kindly fill up the form or send us a message in our available communication lines.

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