Short-Term Accommodation/Respite

Providing Sense of Comfort and Security in Your Short Stay

Onelove Community and Health Care Services offers Short Term Accommodation to NDIS participants to take a break from their usual routine and offer the carers their much needed break to rejuvenate. The change of scenery gives a new breath of life while staying in a supported environment that is fully equipped to provide the respite care services you deserve.

Our short-term accommodation service offers the participants comprehensive care and a favorable living environment that meets all their needs and requirements. As per NDIS, short-term accommodation lasts for a period of 14 days and covers personal care, accommodation, food and any other community or skills development activities of their choice.

NDIS participants can avail the following Respite Services:

  • A housing/tenancy crisis wherein you need stable accommodation for a short duration.
  • You wish to receive temporary capacity building or independent living support.
  • Offer respite to the primary caregivers and give them a break from their normal routine.
  • You are waiting for home modifications and need a safe living environment in the meantime.
  • You are recovering from an illness and need specialised care.
  • You need a break away from your home and explore a different living environment.

Our aim is to provide a homely environment to our participants and assist them at every step of the way. It gives them a chance to:

  • Make friends 
  • Arts and crafts and other fun activities
  • Outdoor and indoor games
  • Film screenings & Cooking Classes
  • Exercise and Dancing
  • Outings to interesting locations and events.
  • Socialize and spend time at our Respite Care Centers

Inquire for the Best Disability Support Services in Melbourne, Victoria

Onelove Community and Health Care Services works hard to provide cost-efficient disability care services for people in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. If you wish to experience quality care and support, do not hesitate to connect with our team. Kindly fill up the form or send us a message in our available communication lines.

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